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Gas Safety, Gas Leaks and Landlord Certificates

Is it essential that a qualified registered person attends any gas work that is required. 
It used to be that this was carried out by a CORGI registered person but as of April 09 this has now changed.  Corgi has now been abolished and the new GAS SAFE REGISTER has replaced this.
As a previous CORGI registered gas engineer i am now a member of the GAS SAFE REGISTER which is the new requirement of the Health & Safety executive. 

Landlord Safety Certificate
All rented properties are required by law to have a valid gas safety certificate to prove that the property is safe.  These certificates need to be renewed annually.  So if you are looking to renew yours as a landlord or want to find out more as a tenant then contact me for availablity and prices.

If you can Smell Gas?

The important thing to do is contact Transco, the gas emergency service, on 0800 111999. The advice from Transco if you smell gas is:

  • Don’t smoke or strike matches
  • Don’t turn electrical switches on or off
  • Do put out naked flames
  • Do open doors and windows
  • Do keep people away from the affected area
  • Do turn off the meter at the control valve