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Central Heating Systems

Types of Central Heating

There are many 3 main options available when choosing the right system for your central heating. 

The best suited option for you depends on the size of your home and the amount of hot water and heating

1) Condensing Boiler Central Heating

This is the most common type of central heating system and can be the most energy efficient.

This system usually works as with a combi boiler, using mains water pressure so there is no need for water storage tanks.  There is also no need for a hot water cylinder, as the combi boiler can heat up water instantly.

As a result a condensing combi boiler central heating system is perfect smaller homes.

Central Heating

2) System Boiler Central Heating

System boiler central heating can be either vented low-pressure or non-vented high pressure system.

Both of these systems need a hot water cylinder which most people have in their airing cupboard.   Once this cylinder is heated you have hot water literally ‘on tap’ without needing the large space for a storage tanks.

These central heating systems use system boilers which conveniently come with most of their components built-in, which means that they are cheaper and easier to install.

This type of central heating is ideal for homes where there is no loft space.

3) Conventional Central Heating

The conventional central heating system requires the storage of water. It requires two storage tanks, which are usually located in a loft, one for cold water, and the other is an expansion feed tank. The system usually runs using a heat only boiler

A water cylinder is also required for this work, as it holds hot water once it is heated.  This type of system requires a significant amount of installation space.

This system is best suited to larger homes where there is lots of loft space and the demand for hot water is significantly higher.

4) Underfloor Heating

Ever thought about underfloor heating?? It seems to be a trend at the moment when it comes to central heating as there is no need to worry about size and position of radiators.
With an underfloor heating system the floor itself becomes the radiator and heats the room from floor up instead of radiators which in effect heat the room from ceiling down