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Boiler Repairs & Maintenance

5 Year parts and labour warranty available on Worcester & Ferroli Boilers!

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Boiler service


Its Important to Make Sure Your Boiler is Serviced Regularly

In order to keep your boiler functioning properly you need to ensure it is serviced at least once a year. If your boiler is giving you problems or you notice a drop in its efficiency then a service is the first thing you should carry out.

Servicing is not just about fixing a problem, it entails a full visual inspection, both the internally and externally to make sure everything is working and more importantly safe!

It is recommended that you service your boiler the same time each year and this is more important as the boiler gets older.   If your heating system contains an open flue then it is essential to keep it maintained as they can produce carbon monoxide 

boiler installation
Things to check regularly
  • Water levels in the Boiler - when the water level in the boiler falls below what is required to function properly you should get the boiler serviced.
  • Temperature - if the temperature and pressure that the boiler normally operates under suddenly drops or undergoes any other type of drastic change you should have the boiler serviced.
  • A change in pressure - If you notice a change in the pressure of the feed water this is also an indication that a service is required
  • Boiler handbook - This will often give you other signs to look for as well in much more detail

Important -  A service may seem like an additional cost you dont need but it is much cheaper than replacing an irreparable boiler and i can guide you to the most cost effective solution possible.

All Boiler Services are charged from £55.00